Packing Materials


Having the right variety and quality of moving boxes and packing materials is key to the success of a pack and move. Boxes used by moving companies come in a set of sizes that are standard to the moving industry. Using moving boxes increases the effiency of the movers when packing as these standard sizes fit well together and make for a more tightly packed load. Also, using real moving boxes ensures that each box has the expected crush rate (the amount of weight that can be put on an empty box before it collapses), which means that your goods will be well protected. We stock all manner of moving boxes as well as other supplies to allow us to properly protect your goods.




We recycle almost all of our waste from packing materials. We’re happy to come by after your move and retrieve your used moving boxes, packing paper & stretch wrap. Check our recycling page to read about our recycling and used box policies.


Used Boxes


We stock an assortment of used moving boxes. These are not for sale for packing. For a number of reasons, we always advocate for the use of new boxes for packing household goods. However, we use them for boxing lampshades during transit and cutting boxes up to protect small pieces of glass or mirror. We also cut them up and tape the cardboard to the face of glass fronted cabinets after we’ve blanket and stretch-wrapped them. This provides an additional level of puncture protection. And since we get them for free, we don’t charge our customers. It’s good for the environment, good for your belongings, and good for your wallet.


Material Prices


If you’ll be having us pack and move you, there’s no need to buy any packing materials, we’ll bring everything we need. Please find our prices for each of the supplies we stock below.



book box

Good for small heavy things like books, paper, bottles, canned goods, etc.16″x16″x13″ or 1.5ft3$1.50

medium box

aka linen carton. Good for lamp shades, clothing, lighter less fragile kitchen goods.16″x18″x18″ or 3.1ft3$2.50

large box

Useful for larger light items, some fabrics, towels, baskets, and other misc. items.24″x18″x18″ or 4.5ft3$3.50

dish pack

aka dish barrel, aka china box. This box is made of double-thick cardboard for extra structure and protection for delicate items. Great for packing dishes, large heavy delicate items and small sculptures.28″x18″x18″ or 5.2ft3$5.50

wardrobe box

a very large box with a bar that goes across the top for hanging clothes. Allows clothing to be transported easily, quickly, and hopefully avoids the need for pressing or ironing when you get to your new home! Comes with the metal bar.46″x21″x18″ or 10.1ft3$12.50

picture box

Used with paper pads to protect pictures, paintings or other valuable flat items. 2 can be used for longer pieces, and 4 can be used as corner protectors for very large pieces.30″x3.5″x40″$7.00

paper pads

A paper simulation of a moving pad. Not as good as the real thing but just what’s needed sometimes. These are used inside picture boxes to protect paintings and framed items, but are also used for wrapping goods where the cost of buying moving pads is prohibitive (ie, leaving things in self storage, furniture that gets stored in the attic or basement, etc).48″x72″$2.50

packing paper

Used for wrapping breakables. Newsprint is an excellent material for packing items for multiple reasons. We prefer it to foam peanuts, bubble-wrap or expanding foam whenever we can as it recycles much easier and with the right skills and techniques, does just as good a job.24″x36″$25 per 25lb bundle

bubble wrap

We stock huge rolls of 3′ bubble wrap which is perforated every foot. Bubblewrap provides excellent protection in many circumstances where paper may be difficult or time consuming to use.3′ by however much you need$1/ft

large stretch wrap

We use this for holding moving blankets onto hard furniture, and we also use it to protect soft goods (sofas, mattresses) from dirt and damage. It’s like a huge industrial saran wrap.18″x1500ft$25

small stretch wrap

Like big stretch but we use this for holding blankets onto smaller things like chairs, and for bundling up items like bed parts, loose shelves, and small parts.5″x1500ft$15


Clear packing tape for sealing cartons.2″ x 55 yards$2.50