Disposal Services

We offer disposal services as a convenience for our customers. Often times in the course of a move, some things don’t make the list for your new place. Be it scrap cardboard, a tv, or bagged up waste, we can “make it disappear”. We work with a number of other companies to recycle as much as possible. We can provide specific quotes for recycling particular items. For goods that aren’t suited to recycling, we charge a $4 per cubic foot dumpster fee. This fee, and any charge for recycling, is in addition to any load and unload times associated with the goods.

It is important to note that we are not the cheapest form of disposal out there, and we do not claim to be. We offer disposal because we’re already at your home. Instead of contacting the half dozen companies it takes to responsibly dispose of the goods you want removed, you’d rather just ask us to take care of it, and we’re happy to.

We work with a number of recycling firms to help us dispose of everything in a responsible way, here’s a list of each and a synopsis of what they do.

  • Cambridge DPW
    • small quantities of cardboard
    • small quantities of LDPE & stretch wrap
    • small quantities of scrap metal
  • Conigliaro Industries
    • large quantities of scrap metal
    • appliances
    • large quantities of cardboard and LDPE
  • Earthworm Recycling
    • Office paper
    • computers
    • tvs and monitors
    • electrical equipment
  • Republic Services supplies us with dumpsters

We do not accept hazardous materials, chemicals or liquids.