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Please fill out our form as best you can. The more information we have, the more accurately we can quote your move. We recognize that it’s a lot of questions and can definitely take a minute. The accuracy of our estimate is a major part of a good (or bad) customer experience and it’s imperative we get it as right as possible, and that starts with the information we receive from you. Thanks for taking the time to get this right with us.

If there’s any clarification or other details we need, we’ll give you a ring or email you. If we can’t get ahold of you, we’ll do our best with the info we have and try and send you an estimate regardless. If you don’t get an email within 24 hours please give us a ring and we’ll straighten it out.

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If you have many of an item, feel free to describe each. Provide as much detail as you’d like, anything helps. Trying to distill your whole material life down to a simple list is hard, don’t hesitate to give us a ring if that’s easier for you.

Do you have a bed or multiple beds? What size is it? Is there a mattress and a box spring? Headboard and foot board?

Example:two twin beds with mattress, boxspring, and frame, and a queen platform bed with a headboard and mattress

How many bureaus and/or dressers do you have?

Do you have an armoire?

Do you have a couch? Is it a sleeper? Does it have any recliners?

Do you have a love seat? Is it a sleeper?

Do you have a futon?

Do you have arm chairs? Are any of them recliners?

Example: 6 wooden chairs, one recliner, one leather chair and one upholstered wingback chair

Do you have an ottoman/hassock?

Example: two, one leather, one fabric

Do you have any bookcases or bookshelves? How many?

Example: 4 large shelves, one medium, two small. One of the large ones is an 5×5 IKEA EXPEDIT and we assembled it in our home

Do you have a TV or multiple TVs?

Do you have a tv stand, entertainment center or tv-armoire?

Do you have dining room or kitchen table? How many chairs do these tables have?

Do you have a kitchen island or cart?

Do you have a hutch or china cabinet?

Clarification: a cabinet higher than waiste height, usually with doors above and below.
Example: yes, one china cabinet with 2 sets of glass-doors, also a “breakfront” with curvy glass doors in the top section and drawers below

Do you have a sideboard, crendenza or buffet?

Clarification:a cabinet or piece of furniture which is not taller than your waiste, usually has doors but sometimes has a mix of shelves and doors.
Example: one metal office credenza with a formica top, also a heppelwhite sideboard with gate legs, doors and drawers

Do you have a wine rack or wine fridge?

Do you have any coffee tables?

How many end tables, side tables and bedside tables do you have?

Do you have any rugs? How many?

Do you have any floor or table lamps? How many of each?

Do you have any air conditioners?

Do you have a crib and changing table?

Do you have any large childrens toys?

Do you have any rocking chairs?

Do you have a desk? Does it have a chair that goes with it?

Do you have a filing cabinet? How many drawers does it have? Its it vertical or lateral?

Do you have any office equipment like a copier, shredder, printer, computer, etc?

Do you have any mirrors? Are they wall mounted or standing?

Do you have any art work on the walls? How many? Is any of it of great monetary value?

Do you have any outdoor goods like a bicycle, patio table, grill, lawnmower, etc?

Do you have any exercise, camping or sporting equipment?

Do you have any musical instruments, equipment or stereo?

Do you have any plants?

Do you have any toolboxes? Tool chests?

Do you have any large appliances like a washer, dryer or refrigerator?

Do you have a safe, piano or other very heavy items?

Do you have any suitcases? How many?

Do you have any storage bins? How many?

What is the smallest number of boxes you can imagine you might have?

What is the largest number of boxes you can imagine you might have?

Additional Questions:

Do you have any time restrictions on the day of your move, i.e you need to be at work in the afternoon, the elevator(s) are reserved for a specific block of time, you will be unavailable between 11 AM and 3 PM, etc.?

Where did you hear about us?

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Will you or your representative be present for all parts of your move?


Do you have any thing that needs to be taken apart and put back together?

Is there anything stored anywhere else, like basement, storage area or garage?

Do we need to make any other stops to pick anything up or drop something off? Please describe as thoroughly as possible, including addresses.

Was any furniture assembled in your current place (i.e. pieces from Ikea or Target)?

Will you take any goods over yourself? If so, what?

Is there any info we’ve missed? What element of the move are you most concerned about? What else would you like us to know?

Thank you for your patience and information.