Our Staff

A moving company is in many ways, the sum of it’s parts, and the most important parts are the people. We start by sourcing workers from the network of friends and acquaintances of those that already work here. This means when we hire we don’t just have the information that the applicant writes down on the application, but the years during which our workers have known the individual. We know before they even come in for an interview if they’re reliable, clean and friendly. We’re not picking up workers off the internet, or hiring day labor from a staffing company. Our workers are a community, and the individuals we hire are generally already memebers of the larger community we work and live with.

The owner, Ezekiel, personally interviews every potential employee, and then goes on jobs with each to evaluate their contribution to the team. We value the personal relationships and understanding that comes from being a small company and paying attention.

While we’re rarely hiring, we’re constantly working to improve on what we have. We mix our newer workers in with more experienced movers so they can learn the do’s, don’ts and the tricks that make the day go smoothly. You’ll never see a crew full of rookies. Our newest crew-chief has been with us for 2 years and has been a mover at reputable companies for almost a decade. We also hold monthly company-wide meetings during which we discuss our processes. In these meetings we also hold seminars to keep our drivers up-to-date on federal regulations, pass along techniques to the newer guys, or even shore up and expand the skills of our experienced members.



A bit about our workers…

  • On hiring of drivers we do extensive DMV record checks, and contact previous employers.
  • We check driving records every year and closely monitor our DOT records.
  • We’re a close-knit community, many of the guys actually live together and have known each other for years prior to working here.
  • Ezekiel, the owner, has known many of them since before he opened the company.
  • Rob, one of the crew-chiefs got Ezekiel his first moving job back in 2002.
  • We have monthly training sessions with topics ranging from piano moving techniques to DOT compliance.
  • All of our crewchiefs have been with us for at least 2 years, most for over 4.
  • Everyone is a W2 employee, we have no subcontractors or people working with a 1099.



If you’re looking for work…

We have very low turnover, and we don’t hire extra labor just to make more money in the summer, so positions don’t become available very often. However, we’d be happy to meet with prospective employees. If you’re interested contact us at employment@intelligentlaborandMoving.com.
You’ll be expected to have endless hustle running boxes up stairs, be a good listener, and able to focus on the task at hand.