Community Involvement

We firmly believe in businesses participating in the communities they serve. Not only do we do business in Arlington, but the owners and many of the staff also live in Arlington. Intelligent Labor and Moving also  patronizes other local businesses, and reinforces the local economy by joining local business organizations, donating to good causes and working with local non-profits. When we work with local non-profit organizations we provide a 10% discount to make sure they can work with us even on an often tight budget. If you are a 501(c) 3 organization and would like help moving, organizing, rearranging or any of the other services we offer please get in touch to discuss how we might be of assistance.

We support small businesses both locally and around the world. Check out our Kiva profile to see how our small business loan recipients in countries like Kenya and Armenia are doing.

Some great organizations we’ve worked with or donate to:

Some local businesses and resources we’ve worked with or recommend:

our planter in Arlington Heights

our planter in Arlington Heights!