Other Moving Charges

In addition to our hourly rates for moving, parking permits, disposal, materials, and liability coverage, there are a few other potential moving charges you should know about.

Pianos & excessively bulk/heavy items

We charge an extra fee on top of our normal hourly rate for pianos and other excessively bulky or heavy items such as sub-zero refrigerators and safes. For items that are part of a larger move we have an additional $150 per item and $25 per flight. If the piano or other large item is the only thing being moved we typically offer a flat rate. The flat rates are based on the particulars of the move and do not include the extra fee mentioned above.


On occasion when items can’t fit up a stairway, a hoist is another possible option. This involves adequately wrapping the furniture, then fitting straps by which we pull the item up to a window or balcony. Sometimes it is not safe to hoist an item. We will never do a hoist in rain or snow. We can always reschedule the hoist for better weather. If we determine that the structure of the building is unsound in some way we will not do a hoist. For instance, if a balcony railing is rotted we will not proceed. Also, if there is a tree or electrical wires in the way or the window we need to use requires carpentry to remove it that will also stop a hoist. For such hoists we charge $75 for the first item and $25 for each subsequent item, plus the time it takes to perform the hoist.

OSHA requires a railing capable of holding back 200lbs of force and be 42″ high for us to perform a hand hoist to. If we’re working through a window whose sill is lower than 42″ we need to be able to perform the hoist standing beside the window frame. Most sofa hoists to windows aren’t legal. We believe these regulations have been put in place to protect workers and ensure safe practices and we follow them. If a hoist can’t be performed by hand we can either arrange a crane contractor or another solution. Quotes for those services are on a case-by-case basis if possible.

After-hours moves

Between the hours of 7 PM and 6 AM we charge overtime rates. Any work that is done during those hours is subject to a $10/hour/mover charge. For instance, if your job is scheduled to start at 5 PM and has two movers assigned to it you would be charged $120/hour from 5 PM to 7 PM and $140/hour for any time after 7 PM that the movers work. The availability of after hours service is subject to both availability and safety.

Overnight Storage

If you need to have goods loaded on one day, but delivered on another we offer overnight storage at a cost of $200/night/truck, and is based upon availability. This can be helpful if you have to be out on the 31st but can’t move in on the 1st. Often times the closing dates for houses or condos necessitate a day or two’s worth of on-truck storage. The truck(s) are stored at our facility in Cambridge and will be both locked and tagged with tamper-proof sequentially numbered security tags. We do not offer overnight storage from August 27th through Septmber 3rd.

Parking Tickets

Customers are responsible for any and all parking tickets our moving trucks obtain during a job. The price of the parking ticket will be added to the final bill. The only exemption to this is if a customer has asked us to obtain a moving van permit and we have for some reason made a mistake with the permit.

Other Services

We also offer additional services to help you get settled after your move or for preparing for a home sale. From picture hanging to disposal, we’re here to help you get from where you are to where you’re going. Give us a call to inquire about how we can help.